Höstterminen 2018

KurstillfälleNybörjare Intensiv sön/mån kl 17.30Lättgruppen Söndagar kl 16.30Avanceradgruppen Söndagar kl 18.15Medelgruppen Måndagar 17.15Nybörjare forts. Sandviken Måndagar kl 18.30Nybörjare forts. Årsunda Torsdagar 18.15PRO Årsunda Torsdagar kl 17
119/8 Lindi Shuffle Cut A Rug9/9 Repetition9/9 Frozen In Time
Bonus: Swing! Sweet Pussycat
10/9 Repetition10/9 Cowboy Charleston 13/9 Repetition13/9 Repetition
220/8 D.H.S.S16/9 Repetition
BONUS: Lucky Today
16/9 Mates Of Soul17/9 Jesse James 17/9 Beyond The Blue 20/9 Repetition
BONUS:My Pretty Belinda
20/9 Repetition
326/8 Driftaway Cha Cha23/9 Stitch It Up23/9 Good Vibration24/9 Walking In The Rain24/9 Ghost Train27/9 Ghost Train27/9 Repetition
427/8 Sweetie30/9 Repetition30/9 Repetition 1/10 Repetition1/10 Pop Da Booty4/10 Pop Da Booty4/10 Repetition
52/9 Repetition7/10 Groovy Love7/10 Sanctify My Sins8/10 Second Time Around8/10 Repetition11/10 Repetition11/10 Lucky Today
63/9 Dream On
14/10 Walking In The Rain14/10 High With Somebody15/10 New York 2 LA15/10 RIO18/10 RIO18/10 Inställt, välkommen kl 18.15 istället!
721/10 Repetition21/10 Watch The Tempo22/10 Repetition22/10 True Believer! 25/10 True Believer! 25/10 Repetition
828/10 Galway Girls28/10 Repetition29/10 We Are Glorious29/10 Repetition1/11 Repetition1/11 Dansa Dansa...
94/11 Paradise4/11 Globetrottin'5/11 Pepole Like Us5/11 Lucky Today8/11 Lucky Today8/11 Inställt
1011/11 Repetition11/11 Bonus: Our Issues
Secrets We Keep
12/11 Repetition12/11 Let It Swing15/11 Groovy Love15/11 RIO
1118/11 Kill The Spiders18/11 Lost In Love19/11 Chill Factor19/11 Groovy Love22/11 Repetition22/11 Repetition
1225/11 Toes25/11 Repetition
Bonus: Groovy Love
26/11 Love Me26/11 Repetition29/11 Kill The Spiders29/11 Dans...
132/12 Repetition2/12 Repetition3/12 Ch(E)ristmas (Endast Video)3/12 Repetition5/12(OBS ONSDAG) Repetition6/12 Inställt
149/12 Avslutning9/12 Avslutning9/12 Avslutning9/12 Avslutning9/12 Avslutning9/12 Avslutning

Vårterminen 2018

KurstillfälleNybörjare fort./Lätt Söndagar 16.30-18.00Avancerad Söndagar 18.15-19.45Medel Måndagar 17.15-18.45Nybörjare Måndagar
Sandviken 19.00-20.30/Årsunda 18.30-20.00
Måndagar 17.00-18.15
114/1 Repetition
+ Babylon
14/1 Repetition
Veckans goding:
Second Hand Heart
15/1 Repetition
+Second Hand Heart
29/1 Lindi Shuffle
Cut A Rug
29/1 Lindi Shuffle
221/1 Repetition21/1 Repetition med Önskedanser och gammal goding:
Leaving Of Liverpool
22/1 Leaving Of Liverpool5/2 Driftaway Cha Cha5/2 Cut A Rug
Cowboy Charelston
328/1 Heart Of An Angel28/1 Extra tid -20.15
Let It Out
No Peace
29/1 Repetition12/2 Cowboy Charleston12/2 Repetition
44/2 Lonely Drum4/2 Boots5/2 Boots19/2 Dream On19/2 Driftaway Cha Cha
511/2 Repetition11/2 Repetition12/2 To The Moon & Back26/2 Repetition26/2 Repetition
618/2 Stars Stripes And Dirt18/2 Beautiful Wonderful19/2 Funk The Preacher Man5/3 D.H.S.S5/3 My Pretty Belinda
725/2 Bosa Nova25/2 Tearing Us Apart
26/2 Repetition12/3 Repetition12/3 Repetition
84/3 Repetition4/3 Repetition
Bonus: Stars Stripes And Dirt
Eventdanser: Come Alive We'll Stay Young
5/3 Whiny19/3 Loney Drum EZ19/3 Loney Drum EZ
911/3 Repetition11/3Leave A Light On12/3 Repetition26/3 Sweetie26/3 Repetition
1018/3 True Believer!18/3 Repetition + "Klara-stegningar"19/3 We'll Stay Young9/4 Beyond The Blue9/4 Dream On
1125/3 Repetition25/3 Repetition26/3 Repetition +Bonus Havana Cha16/4 Repetition16/4 Repetition
128/4 Crazy Foot Mambo8/4 Hearts On Fire
Bonus: Mood Swing
9/4 Footloose23/4 Repetition23/4
1315/4 Havana Cha15/4 It's Quarter After 316/4
EXTRA29/4 DANSLISTA29/4 DANSLISTA29/4 DANSLISTA29/4 DANSLISTA29/4 Välkomna att dansa i Sandviken till Danslista
5/5 Gemensam avslutning i Sala!Mer Info kommer.Välkomna att hänga med!