Alla -2017

Höstterminen 2017

Söndagar 17.30-19.15
Måndagar 17.15-18.45
Nybörjare fortsättning
Måndagar 19-20.30
Måndagar 17-18.30
127/8 17.30-20.15
Slowly, Gently, Softly (SGS)
You're Amazing
28/8 Repetition28/8 RepetitionOBS TISDAG 18/9
23/9 17.30-20.15 Repetition4/9 Repetition4/9 RepetitionOBS TISDAG 26/9
310/9 Taking Care Of You11/9
The Most Beautiful Girl
11/9 Ghost Train2/10 Repetition
417/9 Throwback Love
Veckans Goding:
No Man's Land
18/9 Nancy Mulligan18/9 Zjozzys Funk16/10 The Most Beautiful Girl
524/9 Repetition
Veckans Goding:
25/9 Repetition25/9 Repetition23/10 Repetition
61/10 First Thing First
Veckans Goding:
Don't Make Me Suffer
2/10 Versace2/10 Sweetie6/11 Vi dansar vidare...
78/10 Repetition
Bonus: Versace
9/10 She Sets The City On Fire9/10 Repetition13/11 My Pretty Belinda
815/10 Önskedanser16/10 Repetition16/10 The Most Beautiful Girl20/11 Dans
922/10 Kl 15.30-17.30
Kl 17.30-19.15
Run Me Like A River
23/10 True Believer!23/10 My Pretty Belinda26/11 Dans
105/11 Safe In These Arms
Clap Snap
30/10 Repetition30/10 Repetition 4/12 Avslutning
1112/11 16.30-17.30 Bonustimme
med Önskedanser
Kurstid: Hurts Like A Cha Cha
6/11 Oh Snap!6/11 Heart Of An Angel
1219/11 15.30-17.30
"Anna Danser"
Workshop I Don't Wanna Talk
Kurstid: Repetition
13/11 Repetition13/11 Repetition
1326/11 17.00 Repetition av Anna.
Kurstid: The Last Word
20/11 Babylon20/11 Let It Swing
143/12 17-19.15 Repetition(Anna börjar) och önskedanser
Bonus: Lonely Drum
27/11 Lonely Drum 27/11 Beyond The Blue
EXTRA10/12 Danslista4/12 Repetition4/12 Repetition
Gemensam AvslutningMåndagen den 11/12Kl 17.30-20.00Välkomna!

Vårterminen 2017

Söndagar 17.30-19.15
Måndagar 17.15-18.45
Måndagar 19-20.30
Måndagar 17-18.30
115/1 Vegas Baby16/1 Repetition30/1 Lindi Shuffle
Cut A Rug
9/1 Repetition
222/1 Repetition23/1 Gypsy Queen6/2 Driftaway Cha Cha16/1 Cut A Rug
329/1 Pink Champagne30/1Vegas Baby13/2 D.H.S.S30/1 Bosa Nova
45/2 Look Good Again6/2 Repetition20/2 Repetition6/2 Repetition
512/2 Stomp Your Feet13/2 Ta Mig Tillbaka27/2 Come Dance With Me13/2 Repetition
619/2 Repetition20/2 The Queen6/3 Repetition20/2 Pop Da Booty
726/2 Kl 16.30-17.30
All Shapes & Sizes
Ordinarie kurstid:
The Queen
27/2 Repetition13/3 Irish Stew
27/2 Repetition
85/3 Happily Ever After6/3 Let It Swing20/3 Cowboy Charleston
The Rose (EZ)
13/3 Irish Stew
912/3 Human After All13/3 Almost Human27/3 Repetition20/3 Repetition
1019/3 15.30 Årsmöte! (med dans)
Workshop: Ain't Giving
Kurstid: Repetition
20/3 Repetition3/4 Dream On27/3 Avslutning
1126/3 Kl 16.30-17.30 I Don't Mind
Ordinarie Kurstid: Shady
27/3 Ghost Train10/4 Pop Da Booty (Stepsheet) Video---
122/4 Thumbs Up3/4 Don't Be A Fool24/4 Repetition---
139/4 Kl 17.15-20 Danslista och Repetition10/4 Repetition------
1423/4 I Can't Go On
I Got A Woman
24/4 Repetition------
Extra:7/5 Kl 18-208/5 Kl 17.15-18.458/5 Kl 19-20.30---
Extra:14/5 Alla Grupper:
Our Issues
As I Lay Me Down
Drinking Problem
Drunken Dreams